Up Close With The Super Rich: Tales From Life Aboard A Superyacht

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The best place to study wild animals, the saying goes, is in the jungle, not the zoo. At the same time researching truly Ultra High Net Worths (UHNWs) is very difficult. Roxanne Génier spent time in the jungle of the Super Rich, working as crew aboard superyachts. Wealth Reporter Robert Frank wrote the ’must read’ book Richistan based on his time as an embedded reporter with with a selection of billionaires. Below Génier gives her observations on the way the 0.1 percent live during her time on the high seas and haute ports. I think it provides an excellent glimpse for anyone who is selling products or services to the very rich.

By Roxanne Génier

Guest Columnist

When you imagine getting a position as a crew member aboard a superyacht, you dream of exotic destinations, lavish surroundings and countless adventures. You envision yourself shaking hands with celebrities, having inspiring…

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