DG Amazing Experiences 2018 Media Kit:

DGAE Amazing Experiences Media Kit Updated August 2017

Areas of expertise:


  • Luxury Goods and Services
  • Travel, including Luxury
  • Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW)/Super Rich consumers ($30 million + net worth)
  • High High Net Worth (HHNW) consumers ($10 million + net worth)
  • B2B Sales Training and Strategy
  • B2B Media
  • B2C Targeted Media





  • Market Analysis
  • Product Development and Brand Strategy
  • Sales, Marketing and Communications Strategy
  • Content Strategy and Development
  • Business Development
  • Partnership Development
  • Speaking and Training


Some of my current projects:

Click here




1 Response to Services

  1. Jeff Désir says:


    Im looking forward to establish a fine leather goods crafting shop, emphasizing on made-to-order items, according to the clients specific likings. Everything will be handmade in Canada and the US, according to my production norms.
    Ive recently discovered kickstarter, and ive decided to start a funding project to help me produce my 1st line up of bags and accessories for women and men.
    The 1st day my project went live, Ive been contacted by numerous PR firms, claiming their services will help me get the backers i need.
    So here I am searching through various medias for fashion journalist/bloggers/writers that might be interested in giving me their opinions and suggestions about my project and sharing my campaign with the world. Thats how I found you, and you seem like someone that might be interested according to your articles and tweets.
    Heres my project;

    Thank you for paying attention
    Jeff Desir


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