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No matter where you are, there are Super Rich individuals and families—that is, households with a net worth of at least $30 million. Despite representing 0.000029 of world population, they account for nearly 20% of luxury sales. They are predominantly self-made, grew up without luxury, and as they were getting rich, spent most of their time on their businesses, not buying luxury loafers. Because they don’t fit the stereotype, many luxury marketers are out-of-step about how to develop relation­ships, and how to effectively market and sell to today’s Super Rich.

This book features interviews from ‘sales super­stars of luxury,’ star sellers who have been on the front lines of ultra-luxury transac­tions spanning millions upon millions of dollars. These pros, whose main focus isn’t on focus groups, have extensive experience and direct con­tact selling to the Super Rich. The ‘sales superstars’ share misperceptions about the Super Rich, and through recounting stories relate how their background, experience, knowledge, and selling secrets have served to create extraordinary marketing opportunities. Their insights will not only surprise you, but better prepare you for becoming a sales superstar yourself!

Buy “Secrets of Selling to the Super Rich: Sales Superstars of Luxury” Now


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Buy “23 Ways to Create More Sales Opportunities in 25 Minutes”

Review of “23 Ways to Create More Sales Opportunities in 25 Minutes” by Centurion Jeweler


“Next to all the numerous, sophisticated theories and concepts  in  today’s world, we are in urgent need of practical experience and  advice. Doug’s book based on his experience provides practical insight  that is so rare nowadays. If you want straightforward tips, strategies  and advice to sell more, this book is made for you.”

Jean-Claude Biver

Chairman, LVMH Timepieces (Hublot, Tag Heuer, Zenith)

Doug Gollan is the consummate client relationship builder. His book tells his best success secrets. What he doesn’t tell you is how many people he has helped on his way to success, including me. Keep this book under your pillow and read daily.


Milton Pedraza


Luxury Institute, LLC

Customer Culture Institute, LLC




“23 Ways to create more Sales is a wonderful collection of short and sharp Sales Strategies that are proven winners. My suggestion is for a 24th…to keep this treasure chest in your back pocket”


Dale Moss

Former Head of World Sales

British Airways



“Gollan’s 23 ways to create more sales opportunities is a must read for any sales organization looking to increase the bottom line. I worked with Doug for nearly a decade, and his tips in this book I continue to use to this day. If you’re not using these tips in your sales efforts you’re leaving money on the table. “23 Ways” is a playbook to blocking and tackling and the art of personal selling, valuable lessons from a guy who knows what he’s talking about. Every sales director should buy copies for the entire team.”


Brett Couvillion


RedFish Travel Group



“If you ever have a chance to meet in person with Doug Gollan, you will understand what selling is, and why some people are better at it than others. Or to get a head start, just read this amazing book and you will get the recipes he has been successfully using over the past 25 years.  Not only are these 23 ways are usable – rare enough in this kind of literature – but moreover they are detailed in a very concrete way, ensuring you can easily implement and adapt them.”


Pierre-Yves Poulain

CEO, Luxury Society



“Doug managed Travel Agent Magazine Group and Elite Traveler during my  ownership so I have seen his strategies at work first hand. If your  earnings are based on commissions and sales targets, buy the book.  If  you manage salespeople, buy each of them a copy. As you put Doug’s 23  tips into action you will soon see new accounts you bring in  specifically from his advice. Buying the book is the best investment  you make in increasing your earnings.”


Carl Ruderman


1st Global Capital



“It makes me smile to recognize that many of my tactics are actually Doug’s tactics. Almost everything detailed in his book are strategies and tactics he taught me almost 20 years ago. They have not only continued to work, they have also been passed on to the numerous people I have managed and they worked for them too. Thank you for giving me the foundation to create a successful career.


“Whether just starting out or having been in sales for 20+ years, when one follows Doug’s “23 Ways to Make More Sales in 25 minutes,” they will find themselves on a path that leads to more conversations and deeper relationships with their clients. Ultimately, Doug’s strategies and tactics will elevate you in the field and make you an asset to any client.”


Aaron D. Shapiro

Vice President,

Live Nation Entertainment



“Doug has taken his years of experience competing in the most competitive  marketplace in the world and cooked up a recipe for success for all whether new  to sales or a seasoned veteran”


Chuck Imhof

Vice President, Sales

Delta Air Lines


“Doug has a rare ability to translate common sense into uncommon wisdom.  This simple guide provides a valuable lesson on how to manage the complexities of landing business in a multi-channel world where everyone is overwhelmed with too much information and too many people tugging on their sleeve. If you’re looking to get noticed and make a strong, positive and lasting impression on a prospect or customer, then this is the book for you.”


Gary Leopold


ISM/CP Travel & Lifestyle Marketing
“If you are already a high-performing sales person, aspire to be better or just starting out, this is the best 25 minutes you will invest in your career.  Doug Gollan is sharing his insights; the tips and techniques that have shaped his enormous success.”

Susan Helstab

Executive Vice President, Marketing

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts



“Doug shares some great common sense advice which he’s clearly deployed throughout his successful career.   He offers a solid game plan for the novice but also a road map for the seasoned expert who wants to “up” their sales game.”


Randy A. Garfield


Walt Disney Travel Company

Executive VP Worldwide Sales and Travel Operations, Disney Destinations (Retired)



“Doug Gollan has proved time and again the value of integrity and personal relationships when doing business. He understands the importance of gaining trust while running a customer-centric business and is now sharing some of the secrets to his success in this great book.”


Herve Humler,

President & Chief Operations Officer,

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C.


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