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The Chinese Visitor: Are Luxury Brands Losing Control Of Their CRM to Salespeople?

Luxury brands are losing control of their CRM database of Chinese visitors by not having a dedicate WeChat platform. Continue reading

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(Part 2 of 2) Are You Using WeChat Effectively To Target Chinese Visitors To The U.S.?

Are you using WeChat effectively to connect with Chinese visitors to the U.S.? (Click here to see why Luxury Daily called Galerie’s integrated WeChat marketing platform “really smart.”) WeChat is an effective way to market to Chinese visitors to the … Continue reading

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(Part 1 of 2) How Can Luxury Marketers Capture Repeat Chinese Visitors to the U.S.?

Despite the headlines, China remains an economic powerhouse and key market for luxury marketers, and if fact, in North America, real estate is seeing an uptick as both a safe haven and as more wealthy Chinese send their kids to … Continue reading

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Does Hard Luxury Need To Redefine Itself? Or Is There An Easier Solution?

If I were to believe what I read, which I frequently don’t, the luxury industry, specifically the makers of hard goods, need to look in the mirror as they face unprecedented hurdles, some they can’t control, others of their own … Continue reading

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