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What Luxury Marketers Can Learn From President Donald Trump

  According to Wealth-X, the Super Rich spend over $230 billion a year on luxury from fashion to jewelry, watches, cars, autos, spirits, planes and boats, so clearly they are a critical segment. However, it’s rare that an Ultra High … Continue reading

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Does Hard Luxury Need To Redefine Itself? Or Is There An Easier Solution?

If I were to believe what I read, which I frequently don’t, the luxury industry, specifically the makers of hard goods, need to look in the mirror as they face unprecedented hurdles, some they can’t control, others of their own … Continue reading

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Donald Trump: What Luxury Marketers Should Learn

Donald Trump’s controversy provides an important lesson for luxury marketers selling to the Super Rich. Continue reading

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Marketing To The Super Rich Is More Complicated Than Knowing Where They Go

Robert Frank is one of the foremost trackers of the Super Rich. The New York Times is the paper of record.  Wealth-X is one of the best sources of market information about where the Ultra High Net Worth are from, … Continue reading

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How Do The Super Rich Spend Their Money? Ask An Asset Manager!

The below is analysis of how the Ultra High Net Worth consumer spends his or her money. While clearly there are many variations, the document is well sourced. It was put together by an Asset Manager, Will Wister, who has … Continue reading

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