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How Luxury Brands Should Look At Russia, China, Brazil and the Middle East Amidst The Turmoil

There are economic woes in Brazil, China and Russia, including political worries the latter two. With oil prices plummeting, what will happen to the big spenders from the Arabian Gulf? Needless to say, luxury brands and service providers can attest … Continue reading

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How Do The Super Rich Spend Their Money? Ask An Asset Manager!

The below is analysis of how the Ultra High Net Worth consumer spends his or her money. While clearly there are many variations, the document is well sourced. It was put together by an Asset Manager, Will Wister, who has … Continue reading

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How To Tell You’re Not Super Rich: Home Improvement Edition

Recently we reviewed how by comparing your boat to the boats (excuse me, superyachts) of the very wealthy, you can determine without question that you are indeed not Super Rich. Today Wealth-X released a global survey of Ultra High Net … Continue reading

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Will The Real Jeff Greene Please Stand Up. Why Getting A True View of the Super Rich is So Difficult

American billionaire Jeff Greene was in the news this past week. He flew to Davos on his private jet bringing along his family and two nannies. From Wikipedia, he came from a struggling middle class household: “His father ran a … Continue reading

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