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Marketing To The Super Rich Is More Complicated Than Knowing Where They Go

Robert Frank is one of the foremost trackers of the Super Rich. The New York Times is the paper of record.  Wealth-X is one of the best sources of market information about where the Ultra High Net Worth are from, … Continue reading

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The Wisdom Of Johann Rupert: Everything Not Reported From The Richemont Chairman’s Keynote Address

Besides the big news, Richemont’s Johann Rupert made a number of important points worth reading about if you are involved in the luxury industry. Continue reading

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How Much Do The Super Rich Know About Luxury Goods and Services?

Today, more than ever, marketers of luxury products and services have more choices than ever. What are you doing to target Millennials?  How about the exclusivity seeker?  I also hear indulgers spend 15 percent more than exclusivity seekers!  What about them?  The … Continue reading

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The Top 10 Things Rich People Buy

Originally posted on Doug Gollan: Selling to the Super Rich — Ideas, Research and News for luxury marketers:
What do the Super Rich spend their money on? When we interviewed over 600 Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) private jet and…

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