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Marketing To The Super Rich Is More Complicated Than Knowing Where They Go

Robert Frank is one of the foremost trackers of the Super Rich. The New York Times is the paper of record.  Wealth-X is one of the best sources of market information about where the Ultra High Net Worth are from, … Continue reading

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Note To Editors: There Is A Difference Between “The 1%” and “Super Rich”…It’s Money

My morning began as usual scanning news headlines and coming across the typical “for” and “against” stories about the very wealthy, their spending, the businesses they started or now own and how they accumulated their fortunes. This one from The Daily … Continue reading

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For Switzerland Tourism and Watchmakers The Super Rich Are Wanted NOW…  

The Swiss National Bank (SNB) decision today to uncap its currency against the Euro means watch prices are increasing by as much as 20 percent, according to Su Jia Xian, a watch collector based in Singapore whose respected blog SJX … Continue reading

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