Doug Gollan In The News

03.08.2017 Tides and Trends:  Emerging Market Trends As The Superyacht Industry Recovers

01.19.2017 The New York Times: At Trump Hotel in Washington, Champagne Toasts in an Ethical Minefield

11.16.2016 The Observer:  The Rich List: NYC’s Best-Paid Athletes, Musicians, Comics, Anchors and Media Honchos

11.03.2016 Fast Company:  Can VistaJet Become The Uber Of Private Aviation?

11.01.2016 Luxury Daily:  Newly Minter Super Rich Leaking Into Accessible Luxury: BCG

10.18.2016 The Street: Would James Bond Drive This Boat?

10.16.2016 Luxury Marketing Council:  DG Amazing Experiences Joins LMC

10.07.2016 Luxury Daily:  Stratajet Uses Technology To Cut Costs

1o.04.2016  JustLuxe:  A Book Of Compelling Insider Insight And Advice

09.13.2016 LuxuryDaily: Faberge Exec Shares Secrets And Misperceptions Of Selling To The Super Rich

09.12.2016 Forbes:  Selling To The Super Rich Is Alot Easier, If You Follow The Advice Of These Superstars

09.09.2016 Travel Market Report:  Travel Agents Star In New Book On Selling To The Super Rich

09.07.2016 The Centurion:  New Book On Selling To The Super Rich

06.30.2016  Luxury Daily:  Emailing the Super Rich: 10 Lessons I Learned

06.24.2016  JCK Online:  Designers Speak Out About Why They Are Cutting Out Retail

05.14.2016  Millionaire Corner:  The Travel Habits Of Private Jet Owners Are All Over The Place

o4.22.2016  DigiDay:  JetSmarter Wants To Become The Uber of Private Jets

04.22.2016  Luxury Daily:  Luxury Resorts Top Travel Destinations For Private Jet Owners

o3.30.2016  PrivateFly:  The Future of Luxury Travel and Private Aviation

03.10.2016  USA Today:  5 Myths About Private Jets

02.05.2016  The Centurion Jeweler:  Doug Gollan Launches Newsletter For Private Jet Owners

02.05.2016  Luxury Daily:  DG Amazing Experience Gives Valuable Ad Space To Reach Private Jet Travelers

11.18.2015  The Centurion Jeweler:  For Local Jewelers, The Future Is Brighter Than You May Think

10.22.2015  The Centurion Jeweler:  Are Luxury Brands Overexposed To The Arts And Culture?

09.17.2015  Verb Brands  Doug Gollan, Apple’s Angela Ahrendts, Ritz-Carlton’s Ed French named to Top 25 Luxury Digital Experts list

08.07.2015 Doug Gollan Appointed to Management Board

07.31.2015  New Luxury Magazine Targets Repeat Chinese Visitors to the US

07.21.2015  Luxury Daily  Galerié magazine sets sights on affluent Chinese returning to US

06.02.2015  JCK Online  Seven Secrets of Selling to the Super Rich

05.20.2015  Luxury Daily  Shangri-la Launches Loyalty Program For Small Businesses

05.19.2015  Travel Weekly:  When Selling to the Super Rich, It’s Rarely About Price

05.14.2015  Luxury Daily:  Shangri-la Sri Lanka Focus On Environment Prior To Opening

05.06.2015  Luxury Hoteliers Magazine:  What You Didn’t Know About The Super Rich And Why You Should Care

03.24.2015  Media Post:  Notes From A Former Luxury Magazine Executive

03.18.2015   The Daily Mail:  The World’s Most Spectacular Runways

02.23.2015   Luxury Society:  After Russia, What’s Next For Luxury Marketers?  California?

o2.19.2015  Travel Pulse:  Starwood’s New CEO:  Who Is Adam Aron?

01.25.2015   DailyKos:  Bloomberg Quietly Updates Article On Billionaire To Include Billionaire’s Pushback

01.17.2015    Forbes:   What’s Ahead in 2015 for Luxury

12.01.2014    The New York Times:  The New Luxury Buyer:  Younger, Richer and Well-Wired

11.14.2014     The Centurion Jeweler:  Luxury Expert Doug Gollan Launches Online Forum

09.24.2014    The Centurion Jeweler:  In 25 Minutes, Doug Gollan Has 23 Ways To Help You Increase Sales Opportunities

09.15.2014    Travel Weekly:  The Bucket Lists of Travel Personalities

09.10.2014    MediaPost:  Building A Profile For Today’s High Value Luxury Customer

08.27.2014   The Street:  World’s Best Suites May Be Bigger Than Your House, Cost Your Salary

08.01.2014    The Centurion Jeweler:  Finding New Super Rich Customers:  The Long Tail Of The Ultra High New Worth (UHNW)

06.18.2014    Agence Luxury:  Elite Traveler Co-Founder Doug Gollan In The Spotlight

06.16.2014    Forbes:  What Are The Three Affluent Luxury Personalities

05.12.2014    CNBC:  Five Ways Working On A Yacht Is Like The Navy

04.14.2014    Travel Weekly:  Travel Editors Discuss Challenges In The Media Business

01.24.2014    Financial Advisor Magazine:  Luxury Marketing Dollars Gone To Waste

01.16.2014    Luxury Society:  Could “Luxury For Less” Threaten Market Share of “True Luxury”

01.09.2014    L’Express:  What Do The Super Rich Want In Travel?

01.07.2014    Financial Advisor Magazine:  Luxury For Rent

08.12.2013    Forbes:  The Super Rich Are Spending $4 Billion Per Year On Adventure Travel

08.01.2013   Forbes:  Private Jet Set Kicking The Bucket List

07.02.2013   Forbes:  The Three Faces of Luxury

06.28.2013   Luxury Society:  The Travel Habits of Affluent Americans

06.27.2013   Forbes:  A New Approach To Selling High-End Watches

06.13.2013    South China Morning Post:  Wealthy Line-up For Round-the-World Tour

06.11.2013    Forbes:  Eight Trends In Private Jet Travel

06.11.2013    Bloomberg:  Golfing the World For $74,450 Draws A Waiting List

05.15.2013    Forbes:  What’s The Future Of Ultra Luxury

03.18.2013    Luxury Society:  2013 World Wealth Report:  Top 10 Lessons For Luxury Marketers

01.18.2013    Luxury Society:  The Rich Just Keep Getting Richer

12.12.2012    Luxury Society:  Why Luxury Brands Should Target The 1 Percent

12.10.2012    Wealth-X:  UHNWIs And The Luxury Sector

12.10.2012    Luxury Daily:  What Media Planners Must Really Require Of Publishers

06.28.2012   Luxury Society:  How The Luxury Industry Is Leaving $1.7 Trillion On The Table

One Response to Doug Gollan In The News

  1. Arman says:

    I am not one of those lefty socialists who hates the wealthy for no other reason than that they have achieved what they could not achieve. So I am glad you have created a site that lays out the beauty of luxury and related matters. Good luck to you!


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