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Do The Super Rich Know What You Are Selling?

Originally posted on Doug Gollan: Selling to the Super Rich — Ideas, Research and News for luxury marketers:
Do The Super Rich Know What Your Are Selling? “The Super Rich already know us.” It’s one I hear quite a bit…

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Over $1 Trillion Sold: Appreciation of Craftsmanship or Unrestrained Consumption?

The global luxury industry sells over $1 trillion of handbags, shoes, cars, vacations, watches, suits, rings, bracelets and earrings a year, according to Bain & Co.   Is it appreciation of craftsmanship or just consumption?   Has the luxury industry … Continue reading

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What Does Concentration of Wealth Mean To Luxury Marketers?

  If anyone has a question that wealth is concentrated at the top, the 2014 Capgemini RBC Wealth Management World Wealth Report gives a nice breakout for marketers who are looking for deep pocked consumers. It re-enforces that even among … Continue reading

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New Trends Threaten To Shake Up Buying Habits Of Aspirational Luxury Consumers

What does the next wave of aspirational consumers want? How will they buy it? Where will their purveyors of luxury come from?   If the principal of retail design firm JGA is correct, a continental shift is ahead. Ken Nisch … Continue reading

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Danziger: Mass Affluent Want Austerity, Simplicity, Financial Security

Pam Danziger is the author of “Putting the Luxe Back in Luxury.” I first came to know of her a couple years after we launched Elite Traveler, probably around 2003, when a Chanel executive recommended I check out her research. … Continue reading

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