Do The Super Rich Know What You Are Selling?

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Do The Super Rich Know What Your Are Selling?

“The Super Rich already know us.” It’s one I hear quite a bit when I speak with purveyors of luxury goods and services. There is an urgency to get the word out to a broader audience of aspirational consumers with the belief that Ultra High Net Worth prospects already have some type of intimate knowledge of what they are selling. It’s as if billionaires and centimillionaires wake up in the morning wondering what new luxury products have been launched lately.

Truth or Myth?

I’m going to say Myth.

First of all, around 90 percent of Ultra High Net Worths (UHNWs) are self-made, first-generation wealth. In The Sky’s The Limit only 2.9 percent of private jet owners we surveyed became rich via inheriting their money. Many came from middle class households. (See five Super Rich Americans who started out super poor

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