Do You Sell Products or Services to the Super Rich? So Do We…


Are you involved in selling, servicing or marketing products or services for the Super Rich?

Then please join my new group on Linkedin “Selling to the Super Rich”


Who are the Super Rich?

The go by different terms: Ultra High Net Worth, UHNW, High Net Worth, HNW, Upper Tier One Percent.

For those of you who deal with Household Income and Net Worth, think $500,000 + Household Income and $10 Million + Net Worth as a starting point.

What’s the group’s purpose?

– Share ideas

– Ask questions

– Share experiences – positive and negative

– Share new research

– Share local market knowledge

– Tell us how you can help others in the group

– Share interesting products and concepts targeting the Super Rich

– Ask for help

– Give tips and advice

– Offer opportunities to work cooperatively with group members

– Network

With most luxury marketing and sales information focused on mass affluent and aspirational consumers, the goal of this group is to discuss “Selling to the Super Rich?


Click here to join!

About Doug Gollan

I am Editor-in-Chief of Private Jet Card Comparisons and DG Amazing Experiences, and a Contributor to
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1 Response to Do You Sell Products or Services to the Super Rich? So Do We…

  1. Han Geskes says:

    We provide Private Jet Charter Services to the Resort-Casinos on the Las Vegas Strip-this includes some very affluent guests with big spending budgets. Within this same group we serve a wide range of business travelers who take advantage of the Private Jet as tool to benefit from substantial time savings by-passing long lines at the commercial airports. We provide services to over 4,000 airports. Commercial Airlines service fewer than 500 airports.


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