The Long Tail of UHNWs

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Conventional wisdom says global capitals are the hang out for the Ultra High Net Worth (Net Worth of $30 million +) and their families. And certainly, these are places many of them travel with some frequency. I’ve recently been speaking to a number of big players in New York real estate and while they say the buyers at the high end of the market come from Iowa to Indonesia, they stay less, and they live a global private jet lifestyle.

We also know seasonally you can find a cross-section of the Super Rich seasonally in Sardinia, St. Barth’s and Aspen. Then at other times of year you will find UHNWs over-concentrated in Davos, Augusta, Louisville, Ft. Lauderdale, Monte Carlo, Indianapolis, Flushing or the rotating sites for The Super Bowl, PGA Championship, British Open and so forth. In varying years you can find the Super Rich flocking to the Olympics, Ryder…

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