Roman Holiday: Meet A Private Jet Flight Attendant For Pets

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American Express estimates Americans spend about $1,145 per human for the typical affluent family vacation.

But what about pets?

A cornerstone of this blog is the belief many companies are “under-marketing’ to The 1 Percent. At the top of the top end (where some 200,000 Ultra High Net Worth families control up to $50 trillion in wealth), there is more money to be spent, and it’s better being spent (for the other 99+ percent) to fulfill a perhaps previously unthought of need than sitting in a bank account.

One of my prouder moments was after a column I wrote for Elite Traveler. It was about why a $2 million party by an UHNW was anything but frivolous, and it stirred enough controversy I had a chance to go head-to-head with non-believer Bob Garfield at NPR, which was later covered in The Wall Street Journal by Robert Frank.

The biggest…

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