What Do Billionaires Want?

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Airbus A380 Interior 05

Ledbury Research on behalf of Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) recently published a Billionaires Study in which they dredged through any information they could find on 250 of these 10 digit wonders from China, Middle East and Russia in an effort to better understand their lifestyles. They then conducted 25 in-depth interviews with service providers and experts across 10 sectors, including jets, fashion, hotels, high-end stores and yachts. While I didn’t know I was part of such a select group, I can say I was flattered to be one of the interviewees so was looking forward to seeing the study which I received yesterday. I did not know the research was for Airbus until the end of the interview.

As background, most of us know Airbus as the commercial airplane manufacturer whose signature jet is the Airbus A380 which can hold up to 900 passengers. Single aisle models such as the…

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