Is $300,000 A Reasonable Monthly Allowance For Private Jet Travel?

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The median price of a home in the United States is $189,000, according to the National Association of Realtors. Then again the median net worth of the American household is $56,335.

Of course, when your soon to be ex-husband gave $150 million last year to Harvard University you might decide your lifestyle should not be compromised. It is what led to the Daily Mail headline, “Hedge fund billionaire’s estranged wife demands $300,000 a month for an around-the-clock private jet in bitter divorce.”

While $300,000 may seem excessive, according to Fractional News, 25 hours per month on a Gulfstream 200 would run nearly $280,000. A Falcon 2000 would be about $320,000. A Learjet 60 would only be about $160,000. However, when you have children, nannies, friends and baggage eight seats may not be enough. It also doesn’t have trans-Oceanic range, which if you read on is a potential issue. In addition…

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