Note To Editors: There Is A Difference Between “The 1%” and “Super Rich”…It’s Money

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My morning began as usual scanning news headlines and coming across the typical “for” and “against” stories about the very wealthy, their spending, the businesses they started or now own and how they accumulated their fortunes. This one from The Daily Beast was titled, Hate Private Jets? You’re Just Jealous. The 1% want planes that can fly NYC to Hong Kong nonstop,” was not particularly unusual.

In the media “1%” and “Super Rich” are seemingly used interchangeably. It is a disturbing mixed use of names for a subgroup (Super Rich or Ultra High Net Worth) of a larger group (The One Percent, 1%, 1 Percent) where the subgroup really has very in common with those outside its limited circle. In fact, even within the “Super Rich/Ultra High Net Worth” subgroup there are vast differences.

Considering many of these articles revolve around the divisive “wealth gap” issue, it is time…

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