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Flight Cancelled? Not If You Are On A Private Jet!

#Snowmageddon2015 #Blizzardof2015 is here. Watching the news some 5,000 commercial airline flights have been cancelled today and 6,000 more will be tomorrow.  But not everyone is getting snowed in.  A quick check of flight tracking website Flightaware.com and airport websites … Continue reading

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What Does Oxfam Data Mean For Luxury Marketers?

According to Oxfam wealthiest 1 percent of adults will soon control over 50 percent of world wealth. While there are many social implications, there are also implications for luxury brands. In other words, which segments of the world’s consumers have … Continue reading

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For Switzerland Tourism and Watchmakers The Super Rich Are Wanted NOW…  

The Swiss National Bank (SNB) decision today to uncap its currency against the Euro means watch prices are increasing by as much as 20 percent, according to Su Jia Xian, a watch collector based in Singapore whose respected blog SJX … Continue reading

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7 Insights About Marketing to the Super Rich

Having spent the first couple days of the week in Cannes, France at The International Luxury Travel Mart (#ILTM) I wish I had a Euro for each time the word experience or experiential was heard. Yes, I too would be … Continue reading

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The Secrets Of Four Seasons’ Super Service

  If you stay at a Four Seasons you may have wondered the secrets to providing great service in a diverse portfolio of more than 90 hotels and resorts spanning over 30 countries.   Service is so important J. Allen … Continue reading

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Danziger: Mass Affluent Want Austerity, Simplicity, Financial Security

Pam Danziger is the author of “Putting the Luxe Back in Luxury.” I first came to know of her a couple years after we launched Elite Traveler, probably around 2003, when a Chanel executive recommended I check out her research. … Continue reading

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When It Comes To Visiting Kids At Camp Or Taking Them To College, More Wealthy Families Are Flying Privately

Wheels Up is a company founded by serial entrepreneur Kenny Dichter who started MarquisJet, pioneer of the 25-hour jet card in 2001. By presenting private jet travel as a lifestyle choice (get home in time to see your kid’s soccer … Continue reading

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How Do You Tap Into The Next Generation of Super Rich Collectors?

The next generation of the Super Rich are growing up.  Scions of the fortune makers of the past 30 years are coming into their own.  Recently I was able to contribute to Taking the Reins: Insights into the World of … Continue reading

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The Long Tail of UHNWs

Conventional wisdom says global capitals are the hang out for the Ultra High Net Worth (Net Worth of $30 million +) and their families. And certainly, these are places many of them travel with some frequency. I’ve recently been speaking … Continue reading

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Valuing Visitors To Your Destination: Say It With Flowers  

  How much is a typical visitor worth to the places they visit?   According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, global tourism accounts for one out of every 10 jobs, meaning the stakes are high. Yet, all visitors … Continue reading

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Lewis Katz: A Reminder Many UHNWs Came From Humble Beginnings

Lewis Katz was 72 when he died in a private jet crash last week. At the time of his death he was estimated to be worth about $400 million. While he came into the spotlight via his ownership of pro … Continue reading

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Unity Marketing: “Moody” Aspirational Consumers Turn to “Discount Department Stores”

  While the latest Ultra High Net Worth survey, The Times of London Rich List showed the Super Rich getting richer (their wealth increased 15% in a year), Unity Marketing, a researcher focused on aspirational/mass affluent consumers (Household Income $100,000 … Continue reading

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UHNWs Shell Out Big Money For Private Concerts

The Super Rich seem to have no problem spending into the millions for 60 minutes of enjoyment when marketers create awareness and desire.  Look at your favorite rock star.   Greg Furman, the former CMO of Bergdorf Goodman who founded … Continue reading

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Roman Holiday: Meet A Private Jet Flight Attendant For Pets

  American Express estimates Americans spend about $1,145 per human for the typical affluent family vacation. But what about pets? A cornerstone of this blog is the belief many companies are “under-marketing’ to The 1 Percent. At the top of … Continue reading

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For Aspirational Consumers, Saving Is The New Black

  Luxury marketers that have so successfully tapped U.S. aspirational consumers to grow sales over the past 20 years may have to re-think what the future holds with this segment. They may also want to re-think where they are focusing … Continue reading

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A Tale Of Two Lifestyles: The $250,000 Household vs. The Superyacht Life

A few days ago Roxanne Genier contributed a column based on her tenure working aboard superyachts, and she gave several examples of spending she observed. The Washington Post similarly did a study of families living in affluent suburbs of New … Continue reading

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Private Jets Brought Over $600 Million to Central Europe in Q1 2014

Recently the Central European Private Aviation Association released first quarter private jet usage figures for its member countries. While we may think of places like Palm Beach and Cannes when we think of private jets, and the money they bring, … Continue reading

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Up Close With The Super Rich: Tales From Life Aboard A Superyacht

The best place to study wild animals, the saying goes, is in the jungle, not the zoo. At the same time researching truly Ultra High Net Worths (UHNWs) is very difficult. Roxanne Génier spent time in the jungle of the … Continue reading

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Five Reasons It’s Hard To Find Good Research On “The 1 Percent”  

One of the challenges for marketers targeting the “Top 1 Percent” has always been most research really doesn’t target the Top 1 Percent. Ron Kurtz is founder of the American Affluence Research Center whose focus is the wealthiest 10 percent … Continue reading

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What Do Billionaires Want?

Ledbury Research on behalf of Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) recently published a Billionaires Study in which they dredged through any information they could find on 250 of these 10 digit wonders from China, Middle East and Russia in an effort … Continue reading

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